Crown Court

Picture of Crown Court

Serious cases are often referred to the crown court. You may find your case sent there if you are charged with a serious offence, or, in certain cases, if you choose to have your case tried in the crown court.

We have extensive experience of representing our clients in the crown court. In many cases, we are able to represent you as your assigned advocate continuously from the police station investigations stage right through to the proceedings stages in the magistrates court and the crown court. In this way, you can be reassured that we have full knowledge of and involvement with your case right from the outset and throughout your proceedings until conclusion. In addition and where appropriate, we work closely with selected Barristers’ Chambers to appoint a Barrister on your behalf. We always ensure that you are represented by an Advocate who is matched in knowledge, experience and seniority with your particular case. We never appoint an Advocate to your case without discussing that appointment with you first. We recognise that you have to be 100% confident with your representation.

As well as appointing your Advocate, we remain dedicated throughout your crown court proceedings to supporting you and supervising and preparing your case to the highest level. We firmly believe that you should have all the information and case papers available to you before you appear in court. You will have meetings with your assigned Case Supervisor and Advocate as necessary throughout your proceedings properly to discuss the evidence and your instructions and to agree your case plan. We can instruct experts on your behalf where appropriate and we will gather all available witness statements to support your case.

You can be sure that we will discuss in detail with you all your options and possible case outcomes, so that you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed. We use our expertise to look at your case from every angle and to advise you at each stage as your case progresses. Our aim is to make you feel confident at all times that we are doing everything that we can to help you.