Magistrates Court

Picture of Magistrates Court

If you are charged or reported for summons regarding a criminal allegation then your first appearance will be in a magistrates court. We fully understand just how stressful and worrying the prospect of this can be.

If your case is prepared thoroughly and methodically then your chances of acquittal or of a significantly reduced sentence are enhanced considerably. With our expert wide knowledge of the law, extensive advocacy experience and daily familiarity with the local courts, we can provide you with the reassurance that your case is in the best possible hands.

We know that each case is unique. Our service is tailor made to the individual needs of each of our clients. We always take the time properly to talk through your case with you. We make a point of obtaining and then providing you with a copy of all your case papers, often in advance of your first court hearing. We will always endeavour to sort out your Legal Aid in good time before your first court appearance if you are eligible for public funding for your case. We advise you of the strength of the evidence, the law relating to the allegation against you and the applicable sentencing guidelines before you enter your intended plea. From there, we work with you to prepare a detailed defence case for your trial, or a detailed mitigation package for sentencing. Either way, we endeavour to ensure that your case is resolved efficiently and satisfactorily.

We always provide the same level of high quality service to all our clients, unlike other firms who openly state that they will only provide a basic level of service for Legal Aid work.