Young and Vulnerable Offenders

Picture of Youth Court sign

As well as our extensive legal knowledge and expertise, the senior staff in this firm collectively have between them over 25 years experience of working at graduate level in education and with vulnerable people. We pride ourselves in being able to work particularly well with young and vulnerable offenders.

Our approach to working with young and vulnerable offenders is to provide clearly explained, sympathetic and honest advice throughout their proceedings. In particular, we work hard to establish a good working rapport between the young or vulnerable person and their lawyer and, once that rapport is established, to make sure that their appointed lawyer is the consistent point of contact throughout the case. Likewise, with the client’s permission, we offer families and Appropriate Adults the opportunities to receive ongoing information and legal advice as their young or vulnerable family member’s case progresses.

While we generally aim to involve parents, other family members and Appropriate Adults throughout the legal process, we will always obtain our client’s permission to do so first. We can offer confidential advice and assistance if, for example, you are a young or vulnerable client and you would prefer not to have a family member or Appropriate Adult present.

We regularly attend the youth court and are able to present cases in a way that is understandable and clear to youth clients, many of whom are at court for the first time and who, along with their families, find the whole process unfamiliar and daunting. We are familiar with the local Youth Justices and with the local Youth Offending Service, both of which are key to achieving the best result in the youth court.